If you have a workforce, Management Liability Insurance is essential for your protection.

In today’s landscape of heightened corporate governance and regulatory scrutiny, the responsibilities of company directors and officers have never been more pivotal. This demands unwavering diligence in carrying out duties and obligations. Failure to do so could lead to personal liability for individual directors or the entire board, irrespective of their role as part-time, honorary, or non-executive members.

Traditionally, Directors & Officers (D&O) policies focused solely on safeguarding the personal assets of individual directors and officers.

A Management Liability Insurance Policy goes further, providing coverage not only for individual directors and officers but also extending protection to the company against specific exposures. This comprehensive approach involves enhancing Professional Risks with traditional D&O coverage and integrating various insurance aspects into a unified policy.

Coverage highlights encompass:

Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance: Shielding individuals from personal liability stemming from decisions made as directors or trustees. This includes costs linked to defending claims against directors, officers, or employees. It encompasses awards or settlements but excludes criminal fines or penalties. Additionally, coverage extends to the costs of legal representation during official investigations such as those related to health and safety, environmental issues, or trading standards.

Employment Practices Liability (EPL) Insurance: Insulating employers against employment-related claims, encompassing wrongful dismissal, discrimination, and harassment claims from employees or external entities. The coverage caters to defending claims made against the company/organisation, its directors/trustees, officers, or employees. This includes both awards and agreed settlements.

Company Legal Liability/Corporate Entity: Providing organisational coverage against claims by shareholders, investors, regulators, and other third parties. It incorporates awards, excluding fines or penalties. The policy also extends to legal representation costs during official investigations, encompassing disciplinary hearings, health and safety inquiries, environmental matters, and trading standards. Moreover, it incorporates protection against employee dishonesty.

With Management Liability Insurance, you’re not only protecting your individual stakeholders but also fortifying your organisation against a spectrum of potential legal challenges.